27.11.2015 – Opening of the Transnumériques #5

10:30 > 17:30 - Forum

10:30 > 17:30 - Forum


Rue de Nimy 76, Mons

Forum From digital to culture

Transcultures offers time for discussion and reflection on the role and place of the digital culture in the creative industries today. While this notion is at the heart of many programs and initiatives, we can wonder about the role and place of digital culture and its intersections with other fields, including applied research.

Moderators : Philippe Franck (director of Transcultures), Jacques Urbanska (artist, projects manager @ Transcultures, community manager, consultant), Robert Stéphane (former directorgeneral of RTBF, founder of Vidéographies @ Liège)

18:30 – Exhibition / Performances

18:30 – Exhibition / Performances

Manège de Sury

1 Rue des Droits de L’Homme, Mons

Exhibition Digital Emergences et Performances

On two floors, they invest the bare spaces of Le Manège de Sury to turn it into a pirate ship sailing between imaginary archipels, replacing the artistic drift and the desire for shared singularity to the centre of our lives, which they question and disturb.

Several opeining performances @ 18:30.

Forum From digital to culture

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10:30 > 11:00 - Introduction by Philippe Franck

From an introduction which gives food for thought, several roundtables moderated by Transcultures sessions with speakers from different backgrounds grouped by theme, are offered with a place also given to discussion with the public

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11:00 > 12:30 - Jean-Paul Fourmentraux lecture

Artists Laboratory: Research and creation in the digital age

What does “creation” mean in an interdisciplinary context hybridizing arts, science and digital technologies? For twenty years the digital challenges the boundaries between fields of artistic activity that were previously relatively compartmentalized: visual arts, literature, performing arts, music and audiovisual. Number of artistic projects related to IT and multimedia tech-nologies implement multidisciplinary partnerships coexists where theater, dance, film or video and sound. Artistic creation and technological research, which were once clearly separated areas and virtually permeables are now entangled at this point that any innovation in one interested (and bends) the development of the other. Hybrid works that result from their interpenetration make irreversible fragmentation of old boundaries between art and science. The unique way in which they are recomposed raises questions in part on the joint that, allows research and creation to interact, and secondly on the redefinition of figures the artist and the valuation methods specific to this context works. For more than just transform the terms of creative work, an equally important stake in these partnerships is a necessary redefinition of (or) purpose (s) of what is produced there. The crucial question then becomes that of the closing of the work and its artistic set values ​​between logical (aesthetic quality, exhibition project) and technology (research and development, industrial transfer). The monitoring of “business” research-creation in digital art (Fourmentraux 2013) will allow us to inform these renewed challenges that cause transformation of modes of allocation and reclamation works, shared between art, science and development technology.

12:30 > 13:30 - lunch break

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13:30 > 15:15 - Round table 1

What networks, stimulating initiatives and fruitful intersections between digital culture, applied research and advanced business?

  • Peter Friess DG Connect (European commission) and its STARTS program.
  • Steven Hearn (founder president of Scintillo group that drives an ecosystem of 17 subsidiaries dedicated to culture whose cultural engineering agency The Third Pole and La Gaite Lyrique in Paris)
  • Joëlle Tilemanne (Researcher, responsible for analysis of motion capture to the Research Institute for Technology and Digital Art NUMEDIART / University of Mons, and coordinator of the start up Hovertone)
  • Delphine Jenart (Assistant Director of the Mundaneum)

15:15 > 15:45 – cafe break - networking

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15:45 > 17:15 - Round table 2

What specific cities and developments today and tomorrow for the arts / digital hybrid forms and new cultures in the context of the creative industries? How to support, stimulate digital emergences among art schools and educational partners?

  • François Vallée (coordinator of the center of visual and digital arts The White House Quebec)
  • Gabriel Soucheyre (director Vidéoformes, Clermont-Ferrand)
  • Simon Dumas (directeur artistique de Rhizome, Québec)
  • Christian Vialard (digital art professor at the ENSA Villa Arson – Nice)
  • Jérôme Copain (digital art manager of the City of Lille)
  • Michel Cleempoel (manager of the digital art studio Arts2 – Mons)
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17:15 > 17:45 - Summary of the discussions and perspectives

Synthèse par Robert Stéphane (ancien administrateur-général de la RTBF, fondateur de Vidéographies à Liège)

18:30 – Opening of the exhibition Digital emergences + performances