Delphine Fabbri Lawson (Fr/It)

Delphine Fabbri Lawson (Fr/It)


Anahata is an organization of Research-Creation Arts and Sciences and Compagnies. It designs, develops, produces and distributes cross-disciplinary and cross polymorphic creations from the meeting of arts, sciences, technological innovation and traditional knowledge. This research and creations born of the merger of individuals and disciplines, citizen participation in intercultural dialogue. The intention is to preserve the diversity and cultural and natural balance while being creative and innovative to change. Such an interface, Anahata works here and elsewhere in Asia, Europe and the Americas through a network of experts to artists, scientists and indigenous communities, all known for their unique and innovative view of the world.

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Delphine Fabbri Lawson

Delphine is a French-Italian artist and curator. She’s also the founder and manager of Fluid Image, a Technological Art production and exhibition organization. Currently, she is the president of the Arts, Sciences and Societies research and creation organization ANAHATA. ANAHATA’s research-creations are polymorphic in nature: the media are chosen in order to fit the purpose of the artists and other agents participating in the artwork. The production process consists in several exchanges between discipline and their craftsmen so that traditional knowledge can meet cutting edge technology in a level playground.