Peter M Friess (De)

Peter M Friess (De)


BEAUTIFUL_TOUCH (3rd iteration), operating like a full-scale laboratory, explores human systems and perception structures with emphasis on aspects of self-referentiality and co-existence. As an observer of ourselves and increasingly observed by others and machines, we realize that our personality is finally a construction related to representations in loops, and always related to other systems of perception – “I exist through you and you exist through me.”

In this context, each participant onsite and virtual participants (connected by the internet) can influence and manipulate the installation with his smartphone. Then, each one will be confronted with the results and will react according to the perception scheme – reflection – reaction – perception etc. Everyone will be part of a global system where disturbances (e.g. the virtual public will see only part transmitted through a live web camera, communications by text, overlapping actions…) will create friction in real / virtual interactions, moments of surprise and reconstruction of personalities.

Production : Peter M Freiss with the support of Transcultures.

with Peter M Friess (De) + James Hudson (Aus/Be) + Guida Inês Maurício (Pt/Be)

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Peter M Friess

Peter M Friess was born in Munich, Germany. While studying for a doctorate in the fields of space and self-organizing systems, he began his artistic work in 1993. His interest in theories of perception about colors incited him to study composition and painting in the studio of Peter Paulwitz-Matthäi in Hamburg.

Inspired by theater, contemporary dance, architecture and new technologies, he has mixed for several years Visual and Urban Arts with installations, new interactive media and performance approaches for a richer public dialogue – playful, participatory, responsive and poetic. He travels by passion and is of a nomadic nature; he is familiar with many places in the world and takes his inspiration from them. Jack of all these trades and as a multidisciplinary artist, he likes to work in teams to complete complex projects. He has lived and worked in Brussels for several years.