Emmanuel Selva (Fr)

Emmanuel Selva (Fr)

This side must be done (creation)

This Side Must be Down is a collaborative performance that is proposed as the hypothetical possible post-apocalyptic genre productions. It is an opportunity to produce/reproduce the tools of these myths, to return to the forms taken by contemporary fears, halfway between the concert film and performative installation, a monstrous collaboration between analogue and digital.

All of these young Belgian and French artists are fascinated by the wastelands of the post-industrial universe and the nightlife, and they have decided to present an outdoor collective performance, This side must be done, which includes new media and improvised music in a reconstituted structure with what they have found or recovered in several abandoned places around Mons during their artist residency.

Collaborative Performance with Arnaud Biais (Fr), Vivian Barigand (Be), Iban Fernandez (Fr), Magali Halter (Fr) et Emmanuel Selva (Fr)

In the framework of the Émergences Numériques’ exchange between Arts2, Villa Arson (Nice) & Transcultures.

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Emmanuel Selva

Student in Visual Arts at the Art School of Mons Arts2 and music lover, Emmanuel Selva tries to keep a foot in both fields to broaden their possibilities of creation. His work deals with the regular approach to geometric and abstract form, research of a mix between regularity, loss of balance and study of apology, forgiveness through direct and impulsive expression. This research enables him to get a sense of instability through the creative process of a potential feeling of guilt.