Annabelle Playe (Fr)

Annabelle Playe (Fr)

Vessels (belgian premiere)

Vessels questions what moves us and takes us beyond, towards the informal and the invisible. The music is performed live from a device combining analog synthesizers, Revox recorder, filters, effects and computers. It oscillates between electronic and electroacoustic music. Sounds from different sources (singing or spoken voice, concrete sounds, sounds made on the South Port of France Sète) are processed, multiply distributed and mixed with analog sounds. Robin Gregory carried out the shooting on the Opal Coast (North of France). All captured images are mounted in reverse and trouble the way we look at our surroundings. Annabelle Playe works with video like it is sound composition: repetition of a pattern, developments, ruptures and continuity, variations and nuances. A dynamic montage of dialogue images with the music in a contrapuntal manner. Sometimes the image is erased to make room for music. Pour cette présentation, elle sera accompagnée de Marc Siffert (Fr).

Production : AnA compagnie & Glossophonies, co-production La Canopée. Partenship le Port de Sète, Sud de France (34), Festival VIDÉOFORMES (Clermont-Ferrand), Studio Césaré (51) with the support of Conseil Régional Languedoc-Roussillon et du Conseil Général du Pas-de-Calais.

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Annabelle Playe

Multidisciplinary artist Annabelle Playe explores voice, sound, video and writing wherever her projects lead. She interprets the contemporary vocal repertoire in different shows. She has created the AnA company whose singular projects combine theatrical and poetic writings, experimental music and videos. She creates and interprets the Line performance, for which she composed electroacoustic music. Her album ‘Matrix’ (released by the DAC label) is the subject of numerous international radio broadcasts and also on Radio France.

‘Matrix’ becomes a multimedia performance with videographer and performer Philippe Fontes. Her next album ‘Vessels’ was published early 2015. She creates ‘ANA’, an audiovisual solo performance, from the images of the director Robin Gregory. She sings on the album “The mirror of the waves” (2015) by percussionist Michel Blanc, featuring guitar player Marc Ducret.