Alexander Ketele (Be)

Alexander Ketele (Be)

The mirror of memory (work in progress)

The mirror of memory is an installation with a water surface reflecting images, and perceptions and digitally manipulated and projected to create a game, a dialogue between the present and the past. These reflections are projected onto a conical screen giving a sense of decline, memory shrinkage. Water as a mirror, as sensitive mass that reacts by motion sensors, with its environment.

When a presence is detected, the water is set in motion by means of transducers which disrupt the surface of the water. These vibrations change the act of thinking and give it a volatile and oneiric aspect. The position and movement of the viewer influences the magnitude and shape of these vibrations. This interaction also plays on time, the video projected swinging imperceptibly between images of past and present.

Production : with the support of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles (arts numériques) and Transcultures

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Alexander Ketele - Collectif d23D (Be)

The collective d23D was born from the meeting between Alexander Ketele, a sculptor and professor of sculpture at the Academy of Arts of Anderlecht and his student Vincent Paesmans, visual and digital artist.

During his studies in sculpture, Vincent wanted to explore in his work the fusion between sculpture and live video projections. Alexander helped his student and followed this approach only if illusion and poetry take precedence over technology.

From this meeting, the desire for a joint work was born. The current convergence of their work gave birth to the first project. The mirror of memory merges Alexander’s work on the use of water and reflection with Vincent’s idea to utilize the digital to integrate the viewer as a poetic element of the work.


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  • 27.11 > 12.12.2015
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