Victor Huguenin (Fr)

Victor Huguenin (Fr)

Pour peindre un concert (création)

The conductor draws envelopes, timbres, tempos with abstract lines. But before him, a virtual canvas that moves from left to right. Pour peindre un concert (to paint a concert) is inspired by this idea, but here become pictorial gestures, is a multimedia performance that is made with the body. The gesture is visual; it is a clean language. It can lead the interpreter, the speaker, the projector , the machines… Here gestures compose music, construct moving images, sound control instruments, sculpting light and the voice.

Junkai Chen (Cn) + Corentin Clouet (Fr) + Victor Huguenin (Fr)

In the framework of the Émergences Numériques’ exchange between Arts2, Villa Arson (Nice) & Transcultures.

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Victor Huguenin

Victor Huguenin studied musicology and got a master in computer music in 2013. He did a specialised course of electroacoustic composition the following year. He developed an interest in electronic and experimental music and for the digital and experimental arts. He is currently professor of MaxMSP at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in China.