Corentin Clouet (Fr)

Corentin Clouet (Fr)

Pour peindre un concert (creation)

The conductor draws envelopes, timbres, tempos with abstract lines. But before him, a virtual canvas that moves from left to right. Pour peindre un concert (to paint a concert) is inspired by this idea, but here become pictorial gestures, is a multimedia performance that is made with the body. The gesture is visual; it is a clean language. It can lead the interpreter, the speaker, the projector , the machines… Here gestures compose music, construct moving images, sound control instruments, sculpting light and the voice.

Junkai Chen (Cn) + Corentin Clouet (Fr) + Victor Huguenin (Fr)

In the framework of the Émergences Numériques’ exchange between Arts2, Villa Arson (Nice) & Transcultures.

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Corentin Clouet

Corentin Clouet developed an early passion for the digital field. His work is mainly visual. He likes to surprise people through images, using the latter as a language. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Arts. He loves to create technical elements as well as a website of abstract forms he transformed into an interactive design.