François Zajéga (Be)

François Zajéga (Be)

Bloom ! Un jardin alimenté par le mouvement (work in progress)

BLOOM is a plug-in designed by digital artist François Zajéga. The plug-in is installed in the Motion Machine software (MOMA) developed within the NUMEDIART Institute. MOMA can navigate in real time in any kind of information from a motion capture. For a subtle algorithmic game BLOOM highlights the features of the motion of a performer as a dynamic virtual sculpture.

Production : numediart with the support of Transcultures.

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François Zajéga

François Zajéga is a digital artist living and working in Belgium. He is currently a researcher at the Institute for New Media Technologies NUMEDIART, where he works in the field of computer vision.

He teaches at the School of Arts “Arts au Carré” and is involved in several artistic projects supported by the Digital Arts of the French Community Commission.

He also organizes workshops around the Blender Python API in collaboration with Constant VZW.


  • Manège de Sury
  • 1 Rue des Droits de L’Homme, Mons
  • 27.11 > 12.12.2015
  • 12:00 > 18:00
  • closed on Mondays