Natan Karczmar (Fr)

Natan Karczmar (Fr)

Vidéocollectifs @ Transnumériques 2015

Concept created by Natan Karczmar in the 1990s, Vidéocollectifs are 3-minute-videos offering a view of the city. They are open to all: inhabitants from Clermont-Ferrand or not, French or foreigners, visitors or residents. The topic is free, it offers a view of the city, a witness, a desire to share images, video memory.

A partnership Transnumériques 2015 with Plzen2015 and Mons2015.

Vidéocollectif Mons :

  • Dorrottya Dome : Better together > Luxemborg
  • Benjamin Simoens : Cauchemar
  • Aurélie Beghin : Ce que je pense en ville
  • Ornella Montesi + Serena Ravanello : Il était une ville
  • Mickael Boitte + Annie Warenghien : Into the eyes, project in the city
  • Renaud Micheletti-Gavin Sobnack : Le temps et la ville
  • Perle Terrana : Les Montois
  • Amandine Wathelet : Mons
  • Claire Bourguin & Sara Ricciardi : Mons
  • Sophie Stassin : Urbantrash

Vidéocollectif Pilsen 2015 :

  • Katarina Sanchezovà + Michaela Vais : Cold shadow
  • Radovan Kissoczy + Evgeniya Opalko : liquidtime
  • Adam Havlovic + Jan Goodenough + Petra Musilovà + Sarah Cum : MotionoitoM
  • MarieSylviane Buzin + Gabriel Soucheyre : PLZN BREATH
  • Taja Spasskova + Jiří Krejčiřík : sounds of the city
  • Radovan Kissoczy + Evgeniya Opalko : The river

Vidéocollectif Clermont-Ferrand :

  • Julien Piedpremier : Firefly
  • Raphaël Maze + Gregory Robin : M-City
  • Gabriel Mascaro : Quando Maria me fundu
  • Nelly Girardeau : Ressac
  • David Blasco : Straight Light (Sao Paulo)
  • Triny Prada : Where are you darling ?

Séminaires ArtComTec - Art/Communication/Technologies

The first Art/Communication/Technologies seminars organized by Natan Karczmar were held in 1993 and 1994 at the European University of Research at the Ministry of Research in Paris. Contributors were artists and theoreticians involved in art and technology. In 2007 and 2008, the “ArtComTec” seminars were presented at the Couvent des Récollets in Paris.

Several videoconferences were also organized between Montreal and Paris as well as with Israeli cities and Paris at various occasions. Current seminars are mainly happening by videoconference and participants contribute from their living or working places.

01.12 : Videoconferences ArtComTec @ Café Europa with Maurice Benayoun (Fr), Delphine Fabbri (Fr/It) Lawson et Mauricio Dwek (Br)

08.12 : Videoconferences ArtComTec @ Café Europa with Derrick de Kerckove (Be/Ca) et Gilbertto Prado (Br)


To read (fr) Turbulences Video #89 (p.172)

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Natan Karczmar

Natan Karczmar (born January 3, 1933 in Paris), is a cultural organizer in the fields of theater and the diffusion of art, mainly in France, Canada, and Israel. He is also an artist in « art of communication » as well as a painter and photographer.

A continuous aspect of his work is the realization of projects devoted to the diffusion of art. Pioneer in audiovisual diffusion of art through film, video and Internet, Natan Karczmar organizes in 1954 a festival of films on art in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, in Israel.[1] Moving to Montreal, Quebec, he creates the Canadian Museum of Film on Art in 1956 and distributes the programs in 40 Canadian cities. In 1960, he organizes the Mexican Museum of Film on Art (Museo Mexicano de Peliculas sobre Art), and in 1962, the American Institute of Film on Art. In 1963, a meeting of the International Museum of Film on Art was held in Montreal…


  • Manège de Sury
  • 1 Rue des Droits de L’Homme, Mons
  • 27.11 > 12.12.2015
  • 12:00 > 18:00
  • closed on Mondays