Philippe Baudelot (Fr)

Philippe Baudelot (Fr)

Latest developments immersive implicatives arts

Immersive and implicatives arts are technological / digital arts to the involvement and physical commitment of artists and / or the public in the project and its aesthetic process / asset. Based on the spatial solicitation and tactile senses, bodies of the artist and the viewer are set in a joint creation, active and open.

The body is involved as a whole, sometimes against its will, consciously or not. the frontal relation to the work is transgressed and place the living individual at its center. From performance to installation and innovative forms, they explore and exploit physiological experience in our society where, technology and the virtual mode are pillars of reality, both liberators and binding.

This conference will address the historical aspects of this movement which has its distant roots in the eighteenth century. It has become a concern of many artists and has flourished with the digital arts. It will outline the technological and physiological processes implemented. Lastly, we will present and analyze some important works of the past 10 years.

As part of the partnership cycle Digital Emergences Transcultures <> Arts2

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Philippe Baudelot

Semiotics and consultant in digital arts, Philippe Baudelot created in 1998 the multimedia sector of the Monaco Dance Forum. He heads the Digital Dance Department until 2006. Consultant and curator specialized in digital arts, he works with structures and events as an expert, including Transcultures (Belgium), Bains Numériques (France), Printemps de La Danse (Tunisie), Le Dansoir (France), 06 en Scène (Nice) Projet Européen Culture MADE, Dig@ran (Spain)… He accompanies artists in their digital projects (Mobilis-Immobilis Cie, Mulleras Co., Skalen Co., Cie Yann Lheureux, Corée’Graphie Co., South Doors Co., Etienne Rey, Gauthier Keyaert, Golnaz Behrouznia, Jean-Marc Matos …). He is festival Mai Numérique ‘s artistic director (Aude). He is a lecturer and trainer (University of Nice, AGECIF, ISTS). He is a member of the Association of Contemporary Arts Les Mille Tiroirs (Pamiers) and a member at the contemporary art collective oriented to digital GawLab (Senegal). He is a founding member of the Digital Arts Network / RAN.


  • Arts2 – Carré des Arts
  • Rue des Soeurs Noires 4a, Mons
  • 08.12.2015
  • 11:00
  • Free