Julie Kern Donck (Be)

Julie Kern Donck (Be)

Un monde tranquille

A Quiet World is a digital installation that offers the viewer to travel through the world of images seen on YouTube. From documentary films to videos, the world is described on the screen, whose interface is highlighted by an interactive jamming device. The anonymous user films intermingle with the descriptive and documentary images. Then, serious subjects mix the derisory. Mirror of a twilight world, both restless and still, finally quiet.

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Julie Kern Donck

Julie Kern Donck (* 1992 Brussels, Belgium) is a young artist in the last year of master in ENSAV Printed Image section in La Cambre (Brussels). She works with the printed image, installation, both traditionally and digitally, providing a global reflection on the contemporary iconography of the world and the technologies that describe.


  • Manège de Sury
  • 1 Rue des Droits de L’Homme, Mons
  • 27.11 > 12.12.2015
  • 12:00 > 18:00
  • fermé/closed lundis/Mondays