Arthur Baude (Fr)

Arthur Baude (Fr)

Brumascope (belgian premiere - Vidéographies Awards)

As the name suggests, the Brumascope is a machine that generates images in a cloud of mist. Mist thickens or gets thinner according to the sound and visual loop. This fog screen must be watched from the front, like a miniature theater in three dimensions. The machine produces abstract visual, a kind of graphic alphabet, floating and suspended in the air.

The machine is part of a personal research on image and light.

By his own experience of the image, from photography to graphic arts; Arnaud Baude has always dreamed of new ways of conceiving the medium. Inspired by the pioneers of video art as Nam June Paik and Bill Viola, who have made out the image from its frame, and artist “engineers” like Panamarenko and Jean Tinguely, who released the machine from its functional use; his desire was quickly turned into the wish to design an infernal machine that brings these two themes.

Interactive installation Vidéographies Laureat

In August 2015, Videographies (broadcast and promotion of video and digital arts) and Transcultures launched a new call for projects for an interactive installation (digital arts, multimedia, media art, net art, bio art, sound art…) in Transnumériques part of 2015.

A Videographies initiative in partnership with Transcultures for Transnumériques (Partner Event Mons2015) and the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (digital arts) as well as Cecoforma for its patronage program.

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Arthur Baude (Fr)

Born in 1988, Arthur Baude is an explorer of the image. First, he became passionate about film photography when his father gave him an old camera, with some film and a development kit. He began his studies with a DUT multimedia, to learn new technologies, then heads to an applied arts school to learn “oldschool” graphic design. Meanwhile he falls in love with video and interactive electronics.

He is constantly seeking new paths at the crossroads of different techniques between new technologies and old practices.


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