Les Transnumériques #3,
Electronic arts festival and transborder platform

Paris > 25.09 - 15.11.08 Mons 6 >17.11.08  Brussels 1 > 06.12.08  Lille > 13.12.08

      Launched in 2005 in Brussels and Mons (Belgium) by Transcultures (interdisciplinary centre for electronic and sound culture), Les Transnumériques is a nomadic festival dedicated to (trans)digital art emergences and the diversity of electronic cultures. This third edition of Les Transnumériques links Belgian cities (Brussels and Mons) with French cities (Paris and Lille) and focuses on the dynamic digital Quebec scene with guests artists and cultural organizations from Montreal and Quebec as well as featuring Belgian, French and European artists and structures.

      Les Transnumériques#3 (curator: Philippe Franck) starts in Paris at Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles (29 September – 4 October) with dance and multimedia performances (by Mutin, Thomas Israël & Jacques Urbanska, transitscape, Popcore) and video screenings (selection of Festival Elektra-Montreal and 68 Septante-Brussels), lectures and digital art-industry-research meetings (presentations of French and Belgian artists, researchers and companies). Other partnerships such as La Maison des Métallos (carte blanche to festival Elektra, professional meetings organized by MCD magazine on September 25th), Centre des Arts d’Enghien (multimedia exhibition Body>data>space 10 October 08-11 January 09), Théâtre de L’Agora in Evry (Circuit Eclectique-Phénomènes multi event with installations by Joelle Biton, Scenocosme, Bertrand Planes and performances by Yvat & Iulia Popa, Ab Ovo, Pulx, Lynn Pook & Julian Clauss,…on 15 November). The Spectrum XXI Festival organized by Hyperion (Bucarest) presents several concerts of spectral, electronic, contemporary music (Costin Cazaban, Iannis Xenakis, Giacinto Scelsi, Gerard Pape, Sorin Lerescu, TimHodgkinson, Ana-Maria Avram, Iancu Dumitrescu, Petru Teodorescu..…) performed by Ensemble Hyperion and  quartet IO (New York) in Paris (Roumanian Institute of Paris, Hôtel de Behage, Auditorium Saint Germain, 24-26 October).

      In Mons, from 6 to 10 November, Les Transnumériques presents Belgian young talents’ interactive installations (Cedric Sabato, Cédric Dumetz, Thomas Israël, Valérie Cordy & Nicolas D’Alessandro,…), demo party, audio-visual performances (Very Mash’ta vs Gibus, The aktivist versus Natalia de Mello, L’oeil marron vs DJ Ushde, Dr Floy, Grand Ordinaire, Yannick Franck,…at the Frigo/Abattoirs and la médiathèque) as well as DJs-VJs (at mixomedia, new underground art gallery). It also features lectures and presentations by René Barsalo/SAT-Montreal, Simon Laroche (Concordia University-Montreal) and Manuel Chantre (SAT) Mal au Pixel Festival/Paris, MéTAmorphoz/Brussels, MCD magazine/Paris,…). Hyperion’Spectrum XXI concerts are also programmed in Mons (17 November) and in Brussels (16 November) featuring among other premieres, a new interactive audio dance performance by composer Todor Todoroff and viola virtuoso Dominica Eyckmans (Musiques Nouvelles).

      In Brussels, from 1 to 5 December, at La Bellone, the festival focuses on the new writings and performances using the digital technology (Christophe Huysman & Jacques André La course au désastre on 1st December/AIDS day, METAmorphoZnew Spam, 4 new Canadian-Belgian Rhizome performances, project  Antoine Defoort hilarious one man show Indigence = Eléguance on December 5 followed by a trans party, Lucille Calmel Paris-Brussels chat and the presentation of X Réseau net art scene. On December 6, atthe ISELP Institute for Plastic Art Language Study, lectures (by video artist/curator Régis Cotentin and curator/critic Margherita Balzerani/Reality Festival on virtuality and creation) are complemented by a selection of audio videos by Elektra (Defasten, Illu, Louis Dufort, Purform, Ray_XXXX, Istvan, Kantor), 68 Septante (recent DVDs) and Lavender Hill’ new Strange boutique trilogy. Les Trasnumériques#3 ends in Lille at the Fine Arts Museum with a great AV Brussels-Montreal evening featuring screenings by Elektra, Rafael, Antonin De Bemels and AV live sets by Christophe Bailleau, Very Mash’ta vs Thomas Israël.

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